"I'm a kindergarten teacher at St. Clare in Coventry Hills and many children come to my class form A Child's Garden Preschool. These children make the transition to 'the big school' with ease. They are well prepared, excited and ready to learn! The children adapt to the daily routines of my classroom quickly. They know what it means to sit in a 'good listening position' on the carpet; they have obviously practiced raising their hands to speak and are more than capable of doing any of the seat work that is asked of them. When children come to my class with such a clear understanding of the expectations for working in a classroom setting it makes my job much easier. These children are enthusiastic about learning and are willing to take risks and try new things. The children who have attended A Child's Garden Preschool speak very fondly of their former teachers and are eager to tell me of the great things their teachers did with them! By their words and their actions, I know these children have come from a a happy, safe and enriched learning environment! I am very thankful that their facility is close to our school."

- Shivaun Miele, St. Clare Kindergarten Teacher


" It is my pleasure as well as an honour to write a referral regarding A Child’s Garden Preschool. I am a retired Kindergarten teacher who taught at Monsignor Neville Anderson in Sandstone for 12+ years. I have taught numerous students who were graduates of this preschool. These children typically started Kindergarten with confidence and a genuine love of and curiosity for learning.  A foundation such as this promotes an extremely easy transition into the routines of a Kindergarten program.  A Childs Garden graduate tended to interact comfortably and independently with their peers in both play and work situations.  Early literacy skills, beginning number concepts, classroom routines and expectations had been introduced in preschool and were easily established in my classroom.  In addition, parents reported that this preschool was a nurturing environment that provided a stimulating curriculum.

It certainly is a testimony to A Child’s Garden Preschool when both parents and children speak of the staff and their learning experiences in such a positive manner.  Thank you to the administrators and teachers for providing an excellent beginning to our young learners."


Maureen Whitehead, Monsignor Neville Anderson Kindergarten Teacher (retired)


"My children have had a wonderful experience attending A Child’s Garden Preschool over the past four years.  They were always happy and excited to go to school.  The facility is bright and clean with warm, nurturing and caring teachers.  My children have learned so much in regards to playing well with other children, expressing themselves, using good mannerism and developing the essential skills for kindergarten.  A Child’s Garden Preschool offers free assessment and support through Big Plans for Little Kids which was a great benefit for us and the development of my children’s speech.  The teams’ professionalism, kindness, helpfulness and positive attitudes provided an enriching experience for my children.  I would highly recommend A Child’s Garden Preschool as a great place for children to begin their educational journey."       

Silvia M.



"One of the best pre-schools in Calgary, our son 4 years old loves it, he goes 3 days a week and wish if he can go every day.

As a family we are impressed by the quality of crafts they do with the kids and the learning program they have, plus from a previous experience with a Montessori school we can tell the A Child Garden preschool is better by far."

Tamara AH


"I wanted to extend a huge thank you to Judy, Miss Any and Miss Bennie. You all have been wonderful and my daughter had a great experience at your preschool. I would definitely recommend this preschool to all my family and friends. My son will join you also next year when he turns 4.

Again, thank you for the wonderful memories that Eva is taking with her."

Anca P


 "A Child's Garden Preschool has been a wonderful preschool experience for my child and myself. The teachers are amazing, kind and loving. I was never anxious or concerned when I left my child, I knew he would be safe, happy and loved. My child is more then ready thanks to A Child's Garden to start Kindergarten in the fall.  My child learned how to be part of a group, self-control, how to make friendships, and work hard. He now recognizes his letters, is able to do simple math, understands rhyming words, prints his name and most other letters. He was always engaged and excited to go. 

I will most definitely be sending his younger brother in a couple of years.



 "My son attended pre-school at A Child's Garden Preschool for 2 years. He started at 3 years old with 2 half days a week and the transition and adaptation was very gentle and positive.  He liked it so much that he wanted to return for 3 half days at age 4.  All the teachers and aids are kind, knowledgeable, motivating and sensitive to each child's needs. I think this was the perfect preparation for kindergarten, with great learning activities and socialization. My family is thankful to all the staff at ACGP and would recommend it to anyone seeking a great and safe environment for their preschoolers!"

Annemarie M



 "My daughter loved coming to the 4 year old preschool program. The teachers and staff are absolutely wonderful, so caring and welcoming. The curriculum is age appropriate and even challenges the kids to do some public speaking through presentations. The 4 year old program really prepares the kids for kindergarten, which is really great! We've had nothing but a positive experience with ACGP. My 3 year old son will be attending the same school come fall.

Thank-you so much! They have really made a difference in my child's life!"

Janine L


Hi Ladies,
I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much we appreciated you doing the Remembrance Day poppies with the four year old class.  Aidan and Noah's dad is in the Canadian Reserves and they understand that he goes into the "army" once a week and that they march a lot.  What they are too young to understand is that when I was three month pregnant with Aidan, my husband volunteered to go to Afghanistan.  For the next 6 months, he trained in Edmonton and would come home for the weekends.  He was there when Aidan was born, but  when Aidan  was 8 weeks old, he left for Afghanistan for 6 months and returned a few days before Christmas.  While he was gone, Aidan was my rock and if it wasn't for him, I'm not sure how I would have made it through some of the days.  

Thanks again for all the great work you do!
Kimberly K


"I can't tell you enough about the program at A Child's Garden Preschool. You can tell the program has been around for over 25 years because of how well thought out the program is.  It has all the elements I wanted as a parent to totally prepare my kids for Kindergarten ( I had all 3 in this preschool !).  In fact my youngest's Kindergarten teacher constantly comments about the strengths he had coming into the classroom.  He was able to print with lower case letters, he could sit and listen at circle time, was able to focus on the work asked of him and was an awesome role model for his fellow classmates.  He loved Kindergarten and was able to meet the challenges placed on him with ease because of all you taught him at preschool.  Kudos to all the staff and to Judy for being so kind, caring and accessible to us parents."

Thanks again! 

Maria H


"My youngest son has just graduated from preschool here. Our experience with A Child's Garden Preschool has been outstanding. Miss Any, Miss Bennie, Miss Monica, Miss Judy and all of the other teachers and helpers were absolutely incredible. They loved my boys and my boys loved them. My older son went into Kindergarten prepared and adapted so well (and now he's going into grade TWO) and my younger son is so looking forward to kindergarten. 

We will miss them so much! And we will especially miss the little concerts and celebrations.

Amber D


I've been meaning to write a review for a long time! this school was where my oldest son attended the 4 year old program (we had just moved to calgary or he'd have been in the year before as well) as well as my youngest for the 3 & 4 year old programs. I was so overwhelmed and emotional the first year seeing as we had just moved here and miss Judy and her staff were absolutely amazing! I felt comfortable and confident that when I left my kids at school they were going to be well taken care of and loved and treated like they were their own. I felt they had both been well prepared for kindergarten and had learned so much. They work with an organization called Big Plans that works inside the classroom to evaluate the children to see who made be in need of extra help which my youngest did end up needing. the teachers and aids worked inside the classroom and at our home to help him with his fine motor skills. Overall it is just an awesome school!!!

Erin M



I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you did during the year to accommodate the daycare children, including Amber.  Because of you and your staff Amber was able to participate in preschool for the entire year.  She had a wonderful year at preschool!  Miss Any was absolutely amazing with the class and I know that Amber will miss her.


Thank you,

Linda M