Can I come to view the classroom before I register?

Yes, in fact we encourage it! It is important for both you and your child to view the space to feel comfortable with your decision. Giving your child a visual picture will help ease their mind when you talk about preschool. We ask that you please make an appointment by phone to schedule a visit.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

Children should have significant success at potty training, but because complete potty success happens differently for each child, we are happy to support them through the process. "Accidents" do happen and we will deal with it in a supportive, respectful way. It is recommended to keep a labelled change of clothes in your child's backpack for emergencies.

What should my child wear to school?

We want the children to be able to freely explore their surroundings without worrying about getting dirty. Also, it is best to have loose clothing to help them with their bathroom success.

What do I do if I know my child will cry when I leave?

Separation anxiety is very common in preschool-aged children. If you are positive, encouraging and honest when talking about school, your child will have fewer fears about being left there. Our teachers are very experienced and have many ways to settle and distract a crying, stressed child. It is often best to have a quick, happy goodbye with a promise you will be back at pickup time. Long, drawn out goodbyes tend to create a feeling of uneasiness and nervousness in the child.

Do I need to volunteer?

There is no mandatory volunteering, however, we do have an open door policy and you are welcome to stay any day. We just ask that you schedule your visits ahead of time with your child's teacher.

Do I have to send a snack with my child to preschool?

No - a nutritious snack of fresh fruit, crackers and a drink of water/juice is provided by the preschool. For birthdays or special occasions, parents are welcome to bring in a treat but it MUST be nut and peanut free.

Do the children go on field trips?

Children in the 3 year old program have 2 scheduled field trips:

  • A pet store tour
  • Butterfield Acres

Children in the 4 year old program have 4 scheduled field trips:

  • A Fall walk
  • Fire Station tour
  • Inglewood Bird Sanctuary
  • Year end picnic off-site

Do the children play outside?

No, we do not have a designated outdoor playground. We feel that with the short time that we have each day, and with feedback from parents, we want to concentrate our time on learning in the classroom.  We have enough space to do daily physical movement and activities and that will give the kids a chance to expend some energy.

Will my child be ready for Kindergarten?

We have heard from many teachers that children coming from A Child's Garden Preschool are very prepared with the necessary skills needed for success in Kindergarten. They will be ready socially, academically and have the self-confidence needed to face the challenges that Kindergarten brings. Check out our testimonials from several Kindergarten teachers in our testimonial page in the section listed above on the sidebar to the top left of this page.